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La plus petite version des boucles Armille.02.

Notre interprétation de l'anneau classique: une boucle d'oreille simple, légère et raffinée fait d'une ligne architecturale, sinueuse et organique en argent sterling ou en laiton avec une surface polie. Elles sont fabriquées à la main, une à une et sont parfaites pour combiner avec d’autres boucles ou pour un classique de tous les jours. Fini poli miroir, avec tiges droites et papillons en argent.

4X 3 cm

Disponibles en Laiton, Argent poli et Argent oxydé


The smaller version of the Armille.02 earrings.

Our interpretation of the classic hoop: a lightweight earring made of an architectural, curvy and organic line in sterling silver or brass with a smooth-polished surface. They are handcrafted one by one, modern yet refined and are perfect for an everyday classic. Mirror polished finish, with straight silver posts and silver butterfly backings.

4X 3 cm

Available in Brass, Polished Silver and Oxidized Silver

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Quality before quantity.
​Our Workshop promotes responsible, local and ethical consumption. In order to make a quality piece of jewelry, you have to take the time to do it well. And this, by using the materials and precious stones most in line with our vision. We are looking to create accessories that you will love and that will last, because the disposable, the ephemeral, is no longer a solution.
Much more than an accessory.
Gabrielle Desmarais jewelry is committed to celebrating your femininity in all its Strength, Singularity and Audacity. While merging design, crafts and fashion, we want to create jewelry that will allow you to express your confidence, your will, your uniqueness and, above all, your full value. Jewelry that plays a tiny role (but a big one) when you need it most.