Achromat 2017

Along with our usual jewelry approach, ACHROMAT is a Special Series collection which is an ode to Color, Flamboyant and Non-Censorship.
No longer having the weight constraints often associated with metal jewelry, this collection celebrates the elegance of Large-Format by focusing on the unparalleled lightness and texture of hand-carved wood.
Each piece is then painted with mixtures of "house" pigments giving it these unique nuances.
Faithful to our vision of design which favors simple, aesthetically interesting and essentially innovative forms, ACHROMAT is part of a process of re-valuing the Oversized, Intense and Affirmed. Enjoy!
Model: Miranda Chan
Photographer: Gabrielle Sykes / Assistant: Marc-Oliver Bécotte
Editing: Victoria Lord
MUA: Camille Sabbagh
Styling: Guillaume Laflamme