Jewellery Care


We make every effort to ensure that each piece is at its best when it leaves the Workshop. Some normal daily irritants, such as: chlorinated water, chemical cleaners, sweat and the natural oil in our skin, can affect the appearance of the metals we use in our jewelry. It is always best to remove your jewelry if you shower, exercise, or use chemical cleaning products. Also, we encourage you to always put your jewelry after applying your makeup, perfume and / or sunscreens. This will drastically reduce the need to clean your jewelry and help it stay looking its best for years to come.


Quickly cleaning your jewelry every once in a while is a great way to keep it looking good and preserve its beautiful finish. Here is an easy way to clean and maintain your jewelry. In a bowl, mix a small amount of soap with lukewarm water. Next, dip a soft cloth or toothbrush in the water solution and gently rub the surface to be cleaned of your jewelry, making sure not to bend and damage the piece. All you have to do is rinse with clear water and dry your jewelry and you're done! If you find that the part is still not clean, please follow our material specific cleaning guide.


It is important to properly store your jewelry to maintain the longevity of your pieces. The small black box in which your jewel arrived at your home is an ideal place for conservation, as it offers a dark and clean hiding place free from the natural oxidation associated with contact with air. A cloth pouch is also a great option as it will prevent dust build-up and thus prevent scratches from contacting other parts. It can be tempting to keep your jewelry in the bathroom before you take a shower, unfortunately this can lead to stains and premature tarnishing of your pieces, so it's best to store them away from damp rooms.